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IRN meets on the first Wednesday of the month; meetings alternate between public speakers and closed door sessions

Innovators' Resource Network


The primary mission of the Innovators' Resource Network is to establish a network for innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and investors in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut.

The Innovators' Resource Network engages in activities to facilitate and accelerate successful market entry of its members' products and develops programs to acquaint members with various forms of resources and types of assistance, including private and governmental resources.

The Innovators' Resource Network strives to maintain an atmosphere of trust and respect where inventors are able to discuss their ideas in a non-threatening manner. The Innovators' Resource Network is registered as a 501 (3)c, non-profit.

Innovators' Resource Network Offers:

Networking opportunities

Opportunities to interact with people who can help you meet your needs and assist with problem solving

Alternating monthly meetings with speakers addressing a variety of  topics about getting products to market, such as: concept to market product design, packaging, manufacturing, intellectual property issues, licensing and more!

Closed door meetings Opportunities for workshops and seminars on issues, such as writing a business plan or financing your idea Bi-monthly newsletter

The Innovators' Resource Network holds two types of meetings - general and closed door.

General meetings are open to the public and are held on alternating first Wednesdays of the month. Speakers are scheduled on a regular basis to present information and to provide a forum for questions and answers covering all stages of innovation. Meetings are free - Public meetings are held in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Closed door meetings for IRN members only are held on alternating first Wednesdays of the month. These sessions provide the opportunity for innovators and inventors to discuss their work in a cooperative and confidential setting. Members will be notified of the location of the closed door meetings.

Note: If the first Wednesday of the month is a holiday, meetings will be held the following week, pending space availability.

A newsletter is published six times yearly and distributed to all members. This publication provides continuing information of general interest to innovators as well as notices of meeting schedules.

Innovators' Resource Network

Membership Information

Types of Membership:

Individual (1 person). . . . . $25.00 per year

Family/Partner/Office (up to 3 people) . . . . $40.00 per year

Members are required to sign a code of ethics statement. See membership form.

Note: The general public may attend meetings with speakers (FREE) but can not attend closed door meetings. Prior to attending a closed door meeting, new members should attend a public meeting so they can become familiar with the network!

Download and mail in this PDF membership form with your dues!

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